Only vegan business owners, selling only vegan products.

Why this site exists:

As vegans, we don’t support animal cruelty. If you need a plumber for example, wouldn’t it be great if you could find a vegan one!

Why is this important? If you give your money to a non-vegan business owner, they are going to spend their money supporting non-vegan businesses. But if you support a vegan business owner then you know that the money you give them is going to be spent supporting other vegan businesses.

About the creator:

Hi! My name is Scott Paterson and I am a Canadian currently based in Boulder, Colorado. I graduated from the University of Florida and I have been a software developer for over 14 years.

I love the outdoors and enjoy many activities such as mountain and road biking, kayaking, hiking, camping, scuba diving, and traveling. I am an avid photographer, environmentalist, and a strict vegan.